Dr. Shariful Dulu



Dr. Shariful Islam is a highly accomplished marketing professional with a versatile background and extensive experience in the industry.
Dr. Shariful Islam holds a PhD in Marketing and has completed his MBA, M. Com, and B. Com (Hons) with a focus on marketing. He has also pursued professional certifications such as PgDMC (Post Graduate Diploma in Management Consultancy) and PGDPM (Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management). Additionally, he has undertaken various international courses related to Marketing Management, Sales Management, and Brand Management.
With a career spanning 28 years, Dr. Shariful Islam has worked in diverse roles for multinational and national organizations. He has expertise in trade marketing, brand management, marketing research & audit, business planning and development, innovation and transformation, as well as strategy and formulation.
: Dr. Shariful Islam has successfully launched numerous brands and executed re-launch strategies across various sectors in Bangladesh. His experience in brand management includes revitalizing existing brands and introducing new ones to the market.

Founder of School of Sales Management (SSM); Dr. Shariful Islam established the School of Sales Management (SSM), the first sales development initiative in Bangladesh. SSM is affiliated with the Skill Development Council of Canada and offers international courses on sales management.
Current Roles: Dr. Shariful Islam currently serves as the CEO of Marktale Consulting Group, an ISO certified multinational management consulting firm operating in Malaysia, China, and Bangladesh. He is also associated with Sumsaico Bangladesh in a leadership position.

Furthermore, Dr. Shariful Islam holds the position of General Secretary at the Marketers’ Institute, Bangladesh, and has previously served as the General Secretary of the Dhaka University Marketing Alumni Association. Additionally, he is the founder of Shohojog Social Initiatives, an organization committed to assisting underprivileged individuals in Bangladesh.

Dr. Shariful Islam’s wide-ranging experience and leadership in various organizations demonstrate his expertise and dedication to the marketing and consulting fields, as well as his commitment to making a positive impact on society. With his extensive academic background, professional expertise, and contributions to the marketing industry, Dr. Shariful Islam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his role as a trainer and consultant.