Rumaina Nasrin

Chief Communication Officer


Rumaina Nasrin is an exceptional individual whose resilience and unwavering dedication have led her to a remarkable career as the Chief Communication Officer at Nohor Initiatives. Her journey is a testament to her extraordinary spirit and her profound commitment to empowering people with disabilities and contributing to the rehabilitation process for those who face similar challenges.

Rumaina’s academic journey led her to obtain a Master of Social Science (MSS) degree in Political Science, a testament to her intellectual curiosity and passion for understanding complex societal issues. However, life took an unexpected turn when she became a Spinal Cord Injury Patient. Rather than allowing this setback to define her, Rumaina used it as an opportunity to channel her experiences into something positive.
Her expertise and passion have become her driving force, propelling her into a pivotal role at Nohor Initiatives. As the Chief Communication Officer, she is at the forefront of raising awareness, advocating for change, and inspiring hope within the disabled community. Rumaina Nasrin’s ability to communicate effectively, drawing from her personal experiences, allows her to connect with individuals facing similar challenges and offer them encouragement and guidance.

Nohor Initiatives, an organization with a primary focus on empowering people with disabilities and facilitating their rehabilitation, found in Rumaina a dedicated advocate who is not only a communicator but a source of inspiration. Her profound commitment to the cause and her unique perspective as a Spinal Cord Injury Patient make her an invaluable asset to the organization’s mission.

Rumaina Nasrin’s journey from academia to advocacy and her role as the Chief Communication Officer exemplify the power of resilience and the impact of an unwavering passion for creating a more inclusive and supportive society. Her story serves as an inspiration to all, emphasizing that regardless of the challenges we face, we can find purpose and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. Rumaina’s dedication and commitment to Nohor Initiatives are a beacon of hope for individuals with disabilities and a testament to her role as a true change-maker in the field of disability rehabilitation.