Nazareth Seferian



Nazareth Seferian is a seasoned sustainability strategist with a profound dedication to driving positive impact across industries and communities. With over a decade of experience, Nazareth’s journey in sustainability has been marked by transformative initiatives and unwavering commitment to social responsibility.

Professional Background
Nazareth’s career commenced in 2008, when corporate social responsibility was still a nascent topic in his native Armenia. He later spearheaded corporate social responsibility endeavors at Orange Armenia for four impactful years. Transitioning into an independent consultancy role, he embarked on a global journey, collaborating with corporations, startups, and non-profits alike to embed sustainability into their core strategies and amplify their societal contributions.

Expertise and Impact
Nazareth has experience in guiding both tech and non-tech startups in honing their vision, devising robust strategies, and elevating their social impact. His work extends beyond borders, having collaborated with over 100 non-profit organizations seeking to transition into sustainable social enterprises. Additionally, his partnerships with donor organizations have been pivotal in nurturing the burgeoning field of social entrepreneurship in the region.

Educator and Thought Leader
Nazareth’s passion for knowledge dissemination is evident through his extensive engagement in formal and non-formal education settings. Through insightful sessions on entrepreneurial thinking, organizational behavior, and impact measurement, he has empowered countless individuals and organizations to embrace sustainability as a driver of success and societal well-being.

Academic Foundation
Nazareth’s academic pursuits complement his practical expertise, holding an Executive MBA from the prestigious European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) in Berlin. Furthermore, his post-graduate certificate in sustainable business from the University of Cambridge underscores his commitment to integrating academic rigor with real-world sustainability challenges.

Join Nazareth on the Journey
As an advisory board member of Nohor Initiatives, Nazareth Seferian has embraced the ethos of sustainable leadership and social innovation. His wealth of experience, coupled with a profound passion for fostering positive change, makes him an invaluable asset to our mission of driving sustainable development and catalyzing transformative initiatives.