Nohor Initiatives

Impact and Activities

Weekly in social media engage mass community through regular quiz program with the tag line “Will know about autism, Will build a beautiful world, and Will stop negligence”. This get exclusive

This Program is all about to bring person who are working with the people of Disability Infront of the mass community, so that other people can get awareness from there and its on air on radio Dhoni.

This program on aired on Radio Dhoni, and It brings organizations who work for people with disability, and recognize them for their good work Infront of the mass community.

This is a program where special needs children mothers can share their good memories, achievement of their kids. The program tag line was “WE HAVE SPECIAL KIDS; WE HAVE SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT”.  This is got huge engagement among the mothers.


This Campaign Actually to engage special needs children parents, if they can write a letter to the society how it looks like. This was Online and offline Campaign Regarding This.


This was a program for awareness building where one professional share disability related knowledge to the mass people in the street, and then ask questions and win exciting prizes. This get community engagement in local sector.


For the first time in Bangladesh, Case study solutions and policy making challenges for all health professionals and students aimed to added value and research on existing services of Disability Field. Here First position Place by BHPI, Second was PISER, and third group from BHPI.


This is a summit for the Rehabilitation Professionals, students to build network, share knowledge and work for a clear vision For Disability Sector. Two days session held on University of scholars where many national and international organizations, personalities take sessions.



Autism Day Celebrated by Street Show, TV Programs with Disability sector workers and pioneer of Rehabilitation sector Sister Valerie A. Taylor,

Jago Fm And Radio Amar Two popular and prominent radio station in Bangladesh , where we get chance to share knowledge and experience about working in disability related field. Audience ask different sets of questions and it increases the positivity among mass people regarding this field.


In Kallayni Inclusive School we organized a ifteer mahfil during Ramadan for 300 disable people and their family. Also, it was a great gathering for them during the school holidays.


Special Needs Children Participating awareness building by giving leaflet and speaking to the community organized by Nohor Initiatives.


Nohor Initiatives Sending Eid Gift as its regular task to the people with disability. Here is some snaps of it.

"Let's Preserve The Greenery, With The People With Disabilities,"  Aiming That tagline into front Nohor Initiatives Arrange tree plantation challenge for the people with disabilities.


We organized school and road cleaning and tree plantation in special needs children school where our theme was " Let's Preserve The Greenery, With The People With Disabilities ". In This program we also do a Facebook live in radio today 89.6 Fm by our special needs children.


SSLT ( Society of Speech And Language Therapy ) Association and Nohor Initiatives jointly organize awareness campaign and then a round table discussion on present condition of speech and language therapy profession and its future .


Our Team Member Mr Sadman Successfully completed tour and campaign on exploring the challenges and opportunities for special needs children in developed countries.

:Nohorer Sathe Eid Utsob” a seven days eid program on Asian tv , broadcast from eid time ( day 1 to day 7 ) . The program main focus was to create the access and happiness for disable people, where they get companion of social influencers and media personalities. Also, on that great occasion through this influencers people get aware about disability.

“Nohorer Sathe Eid Annonde” a seven days eid program on Bangla tv , broadcast from eid time ( day 1 to day 7 ) . The program main focus was to create the access and happiness for disable people, where they get companion of Corporate icons. Also, on that great occasion through this leader’s people get aware about disability and this leader can work for in disability field. Interesting thing, after going from this program one corporate leader from Akij Bashir group give job to a disable people.

This a series of stories from the mothers who are having a disable kids and suffered in different way in the society. Through this program we actually try to engage the mass community to aware about their needs so that in future they can take care of those families.

We create cartoon character “Shafiq Sir “ , and tell story to aware people about disability related field. This main engagement was for the kids so that we can ask for inclusive school.

Nohor Initiatives Digital Fellowship for People with Disabilities, is a year-long transformative leadership journey that focuses on empowering individuals through digital skills. We have a separate E-learning platform for this course work which is NOHOR IT, and after completing their fellowship they get access to work in Nohor IT Agency.

This is an initiative to engage civil society for the people with disability through give a thought back to the disability related field.

We made program “ Apnar Shastho, Apnar Punorbashon “ a Program where Rehabilitation professional get a platform to aware and engage mass community which is on air on channel 9, every Saturday at 6:30 PM.

This is based on mother and special needs children about how they face challenges every day in their life. A series of documentary from different parts of the country.

Nohor Initiatives Digital Fellowship 2024 , year long transformative leadership journey aims to empower People with disabilities through Digital Skills. This year a total of 200 people are getting Access to this extensive program From Bangladesh and 9 more other countries.

50 AVE signed a partnership, to donate one tk in against every package sold from them for this fellowship program. Thanks to 50 AVE For engaging them and creating sustainable impact to bring positive social change.