Md. Nure Alam Siddiqy

Partnership Development Manager


Mr. Nure Alam Siddiqui is a visionary individual whose indomitable spirit and dedication to creating an impact in the disability-related sector have become a driving force in his life’s journey. With a background in Textile & Apparel Marketing Injury, he possesses the unique ability to weave together opportunities and partnerships that benefit not only organizations but also individuals with disabilities.
Despite facing the challenges of being a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patient and using a wheelchair for mobility, Mr. Nure Alam Siddiqui has remained undeterred in his pursuit of positive change. His dreams are woven with threads of empowerment and inclusivity, and he has found the perfect canvas for his vision at Nohor Initiatives.
Within Nohor Initiatives, Mr. Nure Alam Siddiqui assumes the role of Partnership Development Manager, where he leverages his knowledge and dynamic approach to forge new and innovative partnerships. His focus is on creating alliances that bring about tangible improvements and benefits for the organization and the individuals it serves.
Nohor Initiatives is fortunate to have Mr. Nure Alam Siddiqui as a driving force behind its efforts to empower and rehabilitate people with disabilities. His dedication to his work is a testament to the idea that, regardless of the challenges one faces, a determined spirit and a commitment to creating positive change can lead to a brighter and more inclusive future.
Mr. Nure Alam Siddiqui’s journey from the textile and apparel sector to his role as Partnership Development Manager at Nohor Initiatives is an inspiring narrative of resilience and unwavering determination. His story serves as a shining example of the boundless potential for impact that individuals can achieve when they channel their passion and talents into creating a more inclusive and supportive society.