Samia Khan

International Partnership Development Manager


I’m Samia Khan, honored to serve as the International Partnership Development Manager at NOHOR INITIATIVE, where I’m dedicated to forging and nurturing international collaborations to drive transformative change. In my role, I draw upon my wealth of experience and passion for international partnerships. With a background encompassing game development, graphic design, and prolific writing, I bring a unique blend of creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking to the table. My journey as the visionary behind SKO Gaming Studio has equipped me with the skills required for successful international partnership development.

In this capacity, I’ve not only crafted captivating games but also established fruitful partnerships that have expanded our reach to platforms such as the Google Play Store and This experience has honed my negotiation skills, cross-cultural collaboration, and effective project management – key attributes for success in the International Partnership Development Manager role. Beyond my gaming endeavors, I’ve thrived as an Amazon Author, navigating the intricacies of the global marketplace. My ability to captivate diverse audiences transcends cultural boundaries, underscoring my capability to foster international connections through the art of storytelling. My multifaceted background extends to education as well. My competitive spirit has shone on various stages. I’ve ranked among the top participants in Google Code Jam and claimed victory in math and science Olympiads at both district and national levels. My international representation as a winner in the NASA Space Art Competition further attests to my ability to excel on a global stage.

My unceasing pursuit of excellence drives me to seek opportunities to forge new connections and partnerships that transcend borders. As a International Partnership Development Manager, I am poised to leverage my diverse skill set, boundless creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence to advance NOHOR INITIATIVE’s mission on the global stage. My aim is to building international partnership for the progress of disability related field in the context of Bangladesh.